Telescopic Mobile Cranes - Pick & Carry

Small and Compact Cranes "RIGANTE"

RIGANTE has been engineering and manufacturing cranes in South Italy since 1970, RIGANTE is the leader in the mobile industrial crane sector, 

an industry that has always worked with complex innovation technology. 

Founded in 1970, the company has always designed its models in line with the most advanced solutions in the industrial crane industry. 

In the early 1980's RIGANTE recognised the need for a new type of crane for handling materials that would find its place between the fork lift and mobile cranes. 
It was here that the first mobile industrial crane made its debut. 

Long before anyone thought about the impact of industrial vehicle exhaust on the environment, RIGANTE was already designing the first battery operated mobile industrial crane. 
In full respect of the environment, RIGANTE has been advancing its clean and quiet technology ever since. 

Why buy a RIGANTE Cranes 

Today's RIGANTE includes a full line of machines with lifting capacities from 2 to 18 tons for material handling and offers various power drive alternatives:

Diesel Crane; Electric battery-operated cranes; Electric/diesel powered hybrid cranes 
RIGANTE has received quality certification "CE" UNI - DIN - CEE 98/37 - FEM 1.001 y 5.004 

it Here is why you should choose our cranes: 

Adaptable to a wide variety of handling applications; Strong, quiet, ecological and easy-to-use; Long lasting, economical and safe; 
Highly manoeuvrable, compact and fully articulate;  Products backed by the highest quality awards and certificate.


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RI.GAN.TE Gru Semoventi - Italy

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